Tactical Information-Guide and Rules

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Tactical Information-Guide and Rules

Post  Exactoknife on Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:13 am

Information provided is for safe attacks and aggressive counters.

Rule 1. Always Scout Your Opponent This only includes players and NPC cities. All valleys are soft targets and everyone should know a comfortable lvl of troops to take valleys. Experimenting with troops to obtain medals will not be covered in here as their are plenty of ways to do so. However if you dont scout your opponent you could be going into a well defended city that will cause you to lose prestige and honor. The goal is to obtain honor more than prestige in your attacks.

Rule 2. Send Sufficient Troops A successful attack on a player is when your troop loss is very minimal and his is great. This can be done in various ways. One use a calculator of some sort to estimate losses and not use troops that are weak to various defenses.

For Example and Reference Traps kill foot soldiers from workers to archers, Abatis kill horsemen including cavalry and heavy cavalry, Archers Towers will attack all ?but the last 2 heavy siege weapons?, Rolling Logs will kill troops and cavalry at a decent range but too many is a waste as troop spam can cancel out the effectiveness, Defensive Trebuchets are amazing for demolishing siege weapons from ballistas to battering rams and catapults these are a must have but must be replenished when attacked.

The other concept for attacking successfully is called a warrior spam it involves mass quantities of troops not just warriors as traps and towers could easily destroy these instead you must look at what you are working with and send mass quantities of the necessary troops from archers to soldiers and warriors and pikes even workers to remove resources.

Rule 3. Leave No Man Alive Kill everything your opponent has only exceptions are abatis and traps if attacks did not include those but should opponents troops be present do not leave even a single worker alive. Their is no room in this alliance for being nice if you attack, you establish hostility and therefore the opponent must not be able to retaliate in any shape and form.

That ends the rules now for some guides.

Guide 1. Recall Trap A Defensive Counter Attack. This is called a recall trap and can only be used when your online to witness an incoming attack. -First you must be able to see the opponents city coordinates.
-Second you must know travel time to this base
-Third find out the difference in travel time with the enemy
-Example Your travel time is 45 mins or another members travel time is 45 min
-His travel time is 1 hr
-Knowing this information you must have a travel time less than the opponents for it to work, if not call for closer backup whether a different city of yours or a friendlies base
-Now for the fun when the enemy is past 46 mins travel time towards your base... meaning 15min or less til he hits you you send your/or friends troops at his base this will create confusion in his mind he will either say screw it im still gonna hit this base or he will recall but unknowing that travel time will make his base without troop support by only a minute travel time.
***Also a recall trap can be when the troops sent to attack your city return JUST before your troops or a friends troops attack the opponents base.

Guide 2. Gate or No Gate When online and online only leaving your gate open allows your army of troops to meet any attackers head on this also includes you Defenses so damage done to attacking opponents will be severe unless over-whelmed. When offline it is mandatory that gates are closed as you have no idea if their will be multiple waves that destroy your troops and defenses. To toggle gates on or off go to rally point and check the gates open or closed to do just that.

More Guides to follow....

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